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    These unique digital marketing ideas look at cutting down the time your marketing tasks take.

    Read the full article at: smallbiztrends.com

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    The state’s largest dental insurer plans to sell new low-cost coverage, and dentists fear losing income.

    Read the full article at: www.bostonglobe.com

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    A Hong Kong store is selling individually boxed strawberries, imported from Japan, for 168 Hong Kong dollars (or about $21.60) each

    Read the full article at: time.com

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    Your email signature is important and a good marketing tool. Make sure you are formatting it so it can be something that helps you sell more products.

    Read the full article at: twofeetmarketing.com

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    There are some easy and effective ways to manage your remote digital marketing team. Here are five cloud storage providers you can use to become productive. Read the full article at: www.smallbusinessbonfire.com

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    Has Big Auto finally come around to the Tesla way of thinking? According to Tree Hugger*, “In past instances of technological disruption (the shift from landlin

    Read the full article at: evannex.com

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    Learn the business problem solving methods as used by top consulting firms - 2day programme with Dr Marc Baaij https://t.co/6v8gFxTMWl

    Read the full article at: www.rsm.nl

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    Big corporations need new strategies in a world of digital disruptors. That means setting ambitious visions and coming up with concrete action plans. The new C-suite mantra: “What’s your play?”

    Digital technology is radically changing the behavior of individuals, corporations, and entire societies, and disruption seems to be the new normal. CEOs are faced with the dual challenge of protecting their backyards from upstarts and incumbents while simultaneously devising strategies that will guide their growth for the next five years.

    For most, this is a daunting task. If you are a senior executive faced with these challenges, how do you ensure the continued growth and sustainability of your company? Or, to put it another way, What’s your play?

    Some Fortune 500 companies are doubling down on defensive strategies, promoting cost efficiency and productivity to protect their core business. Others are attempting to “future-proof” their business model through acquisitions. For instance, following a five-year acquisition spree, Walmart’s $3 billion deal with Jet.com signals a serious commitment to competing with Amazon.com. General Motors Co. is clearly thinking about the future of car ownership with its (unsuccessful) attempted acquisition of Lyft.

    None of this is wrong, and the logic makes sense. But is either approach sufficient to sustain the growth and health of your business and demark you from competition longer term? We believe not.

    When challenged by a host of disruptors who are exploiting traditional market dynamics, finding growth opportunities in increasingly onerous regulatory and competitive conditions is hard these days. And harnessing the power of constantly evolving digital technology to break down well-established barriers to entry and devise new business models is a complex endeavor. To rise above the fray in this challenging context, you need to find ways to fight a battle you’re well positioned to win. For leaders of big companies, this means capitalizing on an ability to do things the disruptors simply can’t — set an ambitious vision, plan globally, invest strategically, and mobilize considerable resources to assert digital dominance. In other words, elevate above the level of the disruptors and transform your scale from a liability into an asset.

    This may sound easy, but it isn’t. Too many companies are still formulating their growth strategies based on traditional growth planning approaches — yearly cycles, historical analytics, and incremental thinking. With the velocity and uncertainty that characterize this new digital economy, traditional growth planning has reached the end of its useful shelf life. It just won’t get you there.

    Companies need to reframe the way strategy is formulated around three fundamental truths, and plot their next steps by embracing and owning these truths:

    Truth 1: You can’t analyze your way to the future; you need to invent it.

    Traditional analytical models that have been the bedrock of strategic planning for years are important as a means of establishing a foundational understanding of the world that exists today and the current opportunity areas. However, if you are looking to define a strategy that will enable your company to achieve disproportionate growth and create competitive advantage, you need to push beyond pure analysis.

    What if the razor industry, dominated in the United States by giants Gillette and Schick, had looked beyond known competitors to anticipate the value in a direct-to-consumer subscription service? Would the e-commerce razor delivery company Dollar Shave Club have had such a meteoric rise? And would powerhouse Unilever, which acquired the startup in 2016, have expanded as meaningfully into the shaving business?

    What’s your play?

    Successful digital strategy requires a blend of deductive analysis and the type of inductive reasoning that powers the creative leaps that anticipate, and often open, fundamentally new markets. To help your organization se

    Read the full article at: stantonchase.smh.re

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    Take advantage of these virtual PBX system features from RingCentral to propel your small business.

    Read the full article at: www.ringcentral.com

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    5 Keys to Falling Back in Love with Your Business - Business Consulting, Business Growth… https://t.co/Wem33rBKYNhttps://t.co/mdREhcYKsd

    Read the full article at: upflow.co

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    Mastercard has unveiled a raft of digital payments innovations, but is warning of the challenge it faces to find digital talent.

    Read the full article at: www.marketingweek.com

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    What are the new B2B sales and marketing trends leaders in both fields should embrace in 2017 and beyond? Find out here.

    Read the full article at: linkis.com

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    Australia’s charitable foundations support and enable work in many important fields, but their impact would be even greater if their application and decision-making processes were more efficient (i.e., consumed less time and resources for both themselves and the sectors they support) and more effective (i.e., more reliably supported the organisations best able to produce results)….

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    How to have an appsmash, and how it can enhance your technology in the classroom offerings.

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    Some alternative technology in the classroom tools that you can use for better classroom presentations.

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    Men are putting down their hammers, screwdriver and spirit levels and picking up blenders and blowtorches.

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    Anyone who has ever written anything onlin

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    Originally published at :https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/your-shop-doesnt-have-shopkeeper-kamyar-shah Published on December 29, 2015 Can you imagine having a brick-and-mortar business and leaving it open but unattended? Day in and day out customers walking in and evaluating your merchandise. Some buy and others don’t. Can you even fathom the viability of such business model? Of course no one would open…

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  • 05/01/17--06:08: People Problems

  • People Problems Not long ago I was speaking to a good friend of mine Don Dalrymple about micro businesses and some of the inherent and common problems that are not acknowledged. Suffice to say that there are too many to list here but the one that seems to be among the chief issues appears to…

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    Learn all of the strategies Nat Eliason used to launch and grow a successful online course.

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